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The Jupiter Sheep

were formed in 1988 as a leaderless artistic collective that recorded three albums and a number of solo songs, and made two videos. The band played live regularly in Northern California, and rehearsed several times a week at the Sheephouse, 4249 H Street in Sacramento.


The band house featured a tree house with an unreasonably long rope ladder, and a team of giant and ruthless hounds who would always fall asleep in the exact middle of the band room.



Steve Randall -- Guitar

Missy Io -- Keys

Sky Harbor -- Guitar

Natalie Europa -- Vocals

Byron Callisto -- Vocals

Thomas Barnes -- Drums

Max Wyvern -- Bass

Pete Clemente -- Sound

Steve Green -- Management

Jennifer Paige Ward -- Vocals

The Videos

were shot on 16mm film, directed by Jennifer Hinkey, shot by Michael Harrison, and featured a host of local talent from the CSUS Theater Department. They were scripted by Byron Callisto and financed by the entirety of his student loans for a semester. Gil Morrison and Janine Russo starred as the Flame People.

The Albums

The Black Album

Leda's Earthcannon

Choose Your World

Top 20 Tracks

themed object
Primary Tagline


Alphabetastically Disposed.


480 B.C.

leonidas gave the signal to the man

to command the column march forward

they defied the face of death

marching on while ten thousand fled

480 B.C. was a life

the sweet taste of copper at midnight

sky full of voices that never would stop

talking to you like you’re all they’ve got

i’ll remember this glorious day

when we held the pass at thermopylae

after we die the poets will say

of all that fought one thousand stayed

leonidas led a thousand men

against the nightmare persian

in the face of a numberless horde

they tightened their buckles and drew their swords

480 B.C. was a life

the sweet taste of copper at midnight

sky full of voices that never would stop

talking to you like you’re all they’ve got


beat park

when the little boy grinned in flames

pieces of me fell out from the air

walk to the right and talk in rings

no head one head two heads now

he said:  this could be amusing

a mellow afternoon of flame on

shame on slam on flame on

white steel

blots out the stars

take the next train to istanbul

don’t take mota better hide your mota

look at those turkish blood-and-thunder types

stay low be high flame on

paint a clock on your face just for the thrills

and hang yourself but then survive

i’m a leaping man an electric arc

truth out tune in flame on

white steel blots out the stars

down at the beat park

there’s a white light

down at the beat park

white light

come on down

to the beat park



off for a magic fun-filled day

happy in the heart with new love

i put a flower behind your ear

and kiss you on the nose

take a walk with our eyes

the forest is nice

the animals smile at everyone

if you have a dream

we’ll sit by the stream

and build a little house in the sand

i’ve got a great big picnic lunch

everything that you like

put the little wings on the bicycle

and we’ll go for a ride

riding through the sky

the clouds are nice

everyone smiles in rainbows

all the little birds

start to chirp

and sing about you and me


black car

through rain and sun and love

like a blue heart wave

she takes me

black car whistling down the dark road

only broken love on the radio

clear waves from the brilliant moon

orion sharp and cold in the dream trees too

and I glide on beams of light

blue flourescent tunnels in the mountains

never end and wind forever

pure white socks on the goddess of love

her eyes are fire  her eyes are my fire

and we’ve gone a million miles

black car whistling down the dark road

only broken love on the radio

pure white socks on the goddess of love

her eyes are fire  her eyes are my fire

and we’ve gone a million miles

and I glide on beams of light


bound to you

i’m bound to you

and all the things that you dream

i will dream too

i believe in you now

and i know i make the earth alter its course

if you love me somehow

all the giants are awake as the tunnels in the clouds form

the light of the sun is obscured then the lightning rolls

in sheets and columns all across a black sky

i become a far-flung nebula and die and

i’m bound to you

and all the things that you dream

will come true

i know all your pain

but the stars are in line for us

all of them smiling

i know they’re forever

they told me so yesterday

i’m bound to you

and all the things that you dream

i will dream too


captain wilson

smile and handshake zombies

are waiting by the dock as

captain wilson shouts out hello

back from his remarkable voyage

whiskey for the crew and many women later

willoughby wilson wakes up to find

his head is shaved legs in irons

talking to the prisoners he learns about the changes

that have evolved while he’s been busy

wrestling storms and stray sea demons

everyone has gone crazy

there was a time when the magic worked

and all the creatures talked aloud

when the gods were merciful sometimes

twenty years later and our hero willoughby wilson

well he’s been living in the jungle

staying alive on bark and berries

he’s been talking to the chimpanzees

just like some distant cousin

teach them words and tell good stories

one terrible day some men come in from town

they’ve been busy chopping down trees

paving roads and planning condos

but not today   today they shoot the monkey

and willoughby wilson cries out loud:

you have shot my brothers down

so i’m going to teach them to make guns

the monkeys raged upon the town

and captain wilson led the charge

oh the gods were with them for awhile



the change is now

we feel in one

real   real and true

safe from all harm

i am breathing

deep inside you

barely breathing

old love

we are flying

on moon black ocean

low below the storm

rain in the window

i am moving

deep inside you

always moving

old love



big blue hole in the sky

twisted my love

so i became a monster

and i tore her all up

they put me in the hole

for the rest of my life

feels like a million years

my mom and dad

brought this box of food

look at this comb man

it works real good

real nice of them to come

and see me off

i’m gone

and i won’t be back

so long

when you feel the dread

steal into your heart at night

you’ll know it’s me

i remember as a child

kicking over my bike

roaring up to god

to scare him with my knife

the girls really like the way

the monster boys 

deal in electric dread

big blue hole in the sky

melted me down

so i became a planet

and pulled her in the ground

they put me in the hole

for the rest of my life

feels like a million years



i’m going far out

in this song

but one of us here is a dreamer

the only real one


awaken from violence

release us from here


the force of your nightmare

is too cruel to bear

i’m getting laughed at

for this one

but one of us here is a dreamer

who slept too long


won’t you free us from

razored betrayal above


in the real life i’m happy

and she’s still in love

she is sliding silently

through the alleyways at night

oh  i can feel

all my dreaming turn to ice

she’s with someone not alone

underneath a foreign sky

oh  i’m not here

just a dream and that’s all right

wake up dreamer


elements of true joy

when you have to perform

please perform like a man

punch a hole in the mile of true deep

and make an escape if you can

you’ll have to walk straight into nothing

down into the caves

underneath the water where the eyeless dwell

and jesus never saves

elements of true joy

coat books lunch and soul

are the things that keep me whole

rack fire endless pain

are all the things that i contain

eyes thighs and pleasant sighs

come to nothing when you die

i swim in rainbow worlds

and elements of true joy

cool rain  all night

then we’re gone

true joy


father whalen

father whalen  father father whalen

death-defying father true grief

she’s such a diamond

a dark dark diamond

dead child like a black-and-white film

window ice  ice ice window

like a first dance on earth in space now

feel strange  really feel strange

falling head  a hundred-foot flames

all the way down

thick fog  safe car

does your momma know where you are

love love like a french postcard

screaming bullet in the tunnel of dark

now it’s gone i’m flipping to my death

in my x-15  like the first dance

whild millions of men are falling down through the void

i just want to be your sexual toy

all the way down

loons loons in the marsh at night

never never see them in the broad daylight

all the angels on the edge of hell screaming

don’t go down there


girl next door

i’m in the park getting vibrations

the ground is soft and my feet are sinking

oh  where am i going now

the mulberry reaching from above

tried to save me but i’m sinking too low and

oh the irises are in bloom

love’s gone  never be back

just as well as the earth open up and

oh swallow me whole

except for one thing

next door there’s a girl

she’s beautiful she could save my world and

oh i’m not sinking down anymore

i’m in love

with the girl next door

and i see her

through the trees by the back screen door

her eyes are green and her hair is pure gold

i know it’s crazy

but when i see her

in the window

i stay alive

and when i’m old and all out of love

the ground’s soft and i’m sinking down and

oh i can’t lift myself from dying no

the mulberry’s dead and dragged away

the irises have been concrete-paved and

oh it’s just too sad to live

i’m gonna try and find my way

back to the dream that i had one day that

oh she was meant for me

i’m in love

with the girl next door


hassan d'rush

hassan d'rush d'rush hassan

I'll be the king of the world when the sun god's gone

everybody bowing down to mark my path

glory to gods I’m the prince of kadesh

now the pharaoh’s gonna suffer and his feet will bleed

‘cause I’m going down to megiddo to gather the breed

when the pharaoh comes down looking to fight

he’ll be the sacrificial lamb to the gods of the nile

oh talking to the megiddo boys

(just rest  we still have time to rest)

twenty-five years since the pharaoh came down

now we’re pushing up the muscle to hold our ground

they’re coming from the north like the crocodile said

but i’m covered if they’re coming from the south instead

generals say they’ll be coming from the west

 i’ll told ‘em there’s no way gods don’t guess

he’s coming from the south like a pharaoh man should

and the megiddo boys are gonna chop him up good

oh talking to the megiddo boys


jupiter sheep

you know i’m not real

i couldn’t be real

i’m just getting better

at keeping my picture steady

now we’re in the living room

all these people here

i don’t think they see me

i must be an invisible picture

the waterfall sun

floating up above

but no one seems to notice

so i pull out my gun and kill them all

surfing through the walls

there are no real walls

i take a wrong turn

and fall through the floor into cosmic grey clouds

(someone other than the white earth mother

has a hand in wrecking my life i mean man

all things together i don’t know whether

i’d rather have it now with the quick knife

but i gotta step through the door

into the future once more

like a walking talking lead crusader

diving down through the pools of methane-ammonia

to communicate love to the sky beings

floating over pens full of jupiter sheep

five hundred miles an hour for love

and i’m never gonna land on my feet  no)

you know i love the world

i want to be the world

i don’t know why i do it but sometimes

i try to make it move around

the moon is my friend

i want to be the moon

and hang up above in the night sky

just for elizabeth taylor

the sun is alive

and little men live there

manipulating knobs on machines

that make me say these things

i want to be you

c’mon you can be me

and go falling through the bed

screaming into cosmic grey clouds

(stone age of reason for the blue-white planet

that’s third in the order of the brothers

and everybody there’s gone sexually crazed

from suppression of love for their mothers man

and soon i’ll drop into the sky again

orange red storms of hell like man

and try to express the problems of a blue-white planet

to the sky beings floating over pens full of jupiter sheep

nine hundred miles an hour for love

and i’m never gonna land on my feet



love for this one

love    set to rolling

rolling around the gods

love for this one

there’s a hole in my life

and i pour out

socket of all love

won’t you please accept me

sun in my eyes and i’m only ten

she’s taken it down to the basic thing

window of god beaming out her light

every man wants to be me tonight

pillars of gold in the aztec black

frame a palace of stone against empty hills

wait for the moon to make a perfect circle

do it again and i’m on a roll

i’m on a roll

love set to rolling

rolling around the gods

love for this one

syracuse was a wall

and i’m bound to sink down

son of a passion for the labor of love

love for this one

love for this one


mind probe

open up the lines for signal now

we’re looking through the window at the world of walter time

punching his clock in double beat

hoping that the boss will favor me

that’s the world of walter time

alarm clock nightmare never get free

as walter time grows passionless and empty

blood test blues don’t trouble his brain

he’s a good republican and clean

until they do the mind probe  the mind probe

so they can truly grasp him

and they look into a nightmare soul

but perfectly whole

just drifting away

the mind probe  mind probe

so they can understand

and they turn you into a vegetable

but perfectly whole

just drifting away

now walter time has lost his mind

his chosen fate has not been kind

nothing to be done

all his colors flee from him 

childhood shadows fade away

and love

one more man who has no face

and never dreams of outer space

that’s the story

no one can escape the pain

and all the normals are insane



to the star north bay

qualuudic and drawn

we drive it all the way

until the edge of it comes

feel like a god today

made of muscle and bone

shooting light from my fingers

and the car sounds

we cross at low tide

to a magical land

where the air is a drug

that grows eyes on your hands

all the beautiful girls

smoking congo black

really like it here

don’t think i’ll ever go back

and the car sounds

now for the freak-town time

with all our true fans

they’re doing weird things

to get in good with the band

and the car sounds

in the n-life


nobody knows your name

rolling circles vibrate

in and out of plane

and all the moths are singing

on a saturday

out from the dark

i hear an answer

nobody knows your name

but she still loves you

way down inside

you know

a moonlight soaked veranda

where you can watch the stars

and all your friends are sleeping

they wonder how you are

a wonderful flash of madness

to break december's halo

and often when your'e sleeping

you wake to find you're so low



i will always be

for eternity

your love

and when you’re scared

trouble everywhere

i’ll be there

as endless summers

come to close and fall

are the stars burning

i hear them calling


your voice is low

like a radio

i know

we never end

like a river bends to ocean

as late september

evenings rise at dawn

are we in stars dear

i’ll be shining near you


old things

what is the image eye

that we’re trying to center on

can you accelerate the threes and the nines

who is that fellow sun

who are you what is done

zeroing in on perceived speed of time

why don’t you tell us your name from the dark

and show us your faces

what color are you

what made you like this

may we see it

bipedal mitochondric protoplasmic entity

can you reamplify the pulse of your line

we are the spray of stars and old things

tell us you know of the fight that goes on

we are the spray of stars and old things

tell us you know of the fight that goes on

tell us you’ve hear the sound of the horn

show us your faces


party in the u.s.a.

citizens of earth

mother nature adores you

even the darkness

which absorbs you

come to a party in the u.s.a.

five billion people just swaying the sway

a hundred thousand years since we been this way

i’ve got to find out if everyone is o.k.

it’s a little weird

we could all be here

and no one would fight  no

everything’s all right

citizens of earth

we’re gonna have lots of fun now

and see if we can all can fit inside california

come to a party in the u.s.a.

five billion people on the dock of the bay

telling out stories of love gone wrong

brothers and sisters just swaying to the same song

we could take off all our clothes

and maybe go swimming

i’m sure we’ve got enough room

come to the u.s.a.

come to a party in the u.s.a.


quiet island

moon tree

the swaying angel says

the highway is smooth from above

we can both feel where we’ve gone

end of the song

the world beneath

purple submarines

lightning engineers

diesel and steam

i will not be scared

never look away

always strolling high

prism on your forehead

we ride forward


flying windshield knows

the desert is dark from above

we both know what we’ve done

the end has come

the world beneath

throbbing machines

secret engineers

diesel and steam

i will not be scared

never look away

always strolling high

prism on your forehead

we rise forward

all day love

i sing your name

all day my

quiet island

sad songs

the older people sing

the cities are bright from above

we follow the sign

end of the line


radio sol

she and i beat fast  faster than the common heart

faster than a roller coaster racing down the track

quicker than a flower blooming in the summer sun

when rainy days are done

radio sol  flow into my heart at night and

tell me what she dreams

waves of love  i can feel the light of earth

lying next to me

she and i go far  farther than the comet flies

farther than euphoric beams of smiling ancient suns

leaping all through them just to find the perfect ones

with perfect days to come

she and i will last  longer than the poets have

longer than stone that seals away the first pharoah

always will we flow



glad to know that we’re on the same team

that old psychedeliamat chicken-head vein

true child gods never look the same

all entropomorphic like the falling of the rain

touch it touch it touch it and you take it to the world

open it up out and submit into the whirl

a couple of days off for the life/sight/form

tiny circles in the fog to keep you warm

shout it  ha!  to the shiny wheelman

sight/taste/sound from the shiny blue round hand

roll in circular time

coil up in the light and shine

night and day roll around in time

like the planet that they nurture and define

down there all the streetlights shine

shine on all the faces of the rollodon

separated from the spiral you love

straightline thrust is the demon you’re the victim of

letting little death take away your pain

sniffing hexahydroxycyclohexane

shout it  ha!  to the shiny wheelman

sense the tingle from the round blue hand

roll in circular time

roll up to the light and shine




wild crazy dancing cyborgs

coming in from the rolly dune world

the female ones are perfect

so you’d better tie down your souls

the carrier signal flies tonight

cathode colored rays in flight

blackness is your life

living in the satellite

it’s a strange night in the satellite

images from venus

someone can communicate

purple eyes with three-inch fangs

smiling faces from the cave

oh  they’re all coming out tonight

i don’t want to be here now

i want to be alone

the black leviathan is drunk and

knocking down my door

never gonna make it down now  no

it’s a strange night in the satellite

it’s my last night in the satellite

staring at the stars

i send them messages of love

there is no answer


shadow above

saved by windows

and doors that grow in the ground

low roll  seaside

sheherezade of the sand

shadow above 

living is rage

always the changes

by the fifth of july

every daydream

summer and sailing

blue sky

no one sees me

but the face in the ground

silent  graceful

and the shades have been drawn

shadow above

no iron cages

always the danger

by the fifth of july

luna will save me

up in the high trees

too high

the darkest hours

when nothing moves

but the sigh of the lord

castle walls

survey all

but the figure

crouched below


sheep rap

42449 sacramento H street 819

the sheep say byron can you do the party rap

i tell them no bummer ‘cause i’m the word man

tom is punching holes in the fabric of time

this is my chance to renovate your mind

so welcome to the party and we loosen up now

do the body rock and nat will show you how

another little story about life in hell

‘bout a high-school jock name of jimmy criswell

six-foot-nine three hundred and five

a nerd nightmare with a seven-inch knife

now i was a nerd with a leather briefcase

pants too short   glasses on my face

pens in my pocket-holder leaking all day

a funky slide rule and a calculator

me and the other nerds used to hang out

craig had a car and we’d cruise it down south

whistle at the girls and dig the funky sound

of ludwig van in e major

this is what they said:

get out of the car down on the ground

you’re gonna be naked when we put you down

five white nerds getting ready to die

this is it you’d better say goodbye

suddenly a car pulls up alongside

it’s my sister

she says: jimmy don’t you do anything to those boys

they never hurt you and they’re not your toys

so give ‘em back their clothes and let ‘em all go

or i’m never gonna talk to you anymore

well i’m still alive what more can i say

i thank my sister each and every day

jimmy joined the navy and he moved away

and me and my friends were safe

now it’s my job to do the party rap

hope you like the story and you get where it’s at

jupiter sheep are rocking down the block

welcome to the party  do the body rock

body rock  nat


space hippie

sky high flying from the top of the stairs

crashes to the floor stands up and he swears

i’m tired of the earth pulling down on me

gonna build a machine to repeal the gravity

later at the chateau jehovah goes wild

he says to sky:  sky man you’re making me smile

your instrument appeals to my tom swift side

i’m gonna build a spaceship twenty miles wide

two of everything

make sure that the birds sing

all the bluebells ring

and give your cats to natalie

no  i don’t want to be a fundamentalist

no  i don’t want to have a brave new order

no i don’t want to be a business major

no i want to be a space hippie oh yeah

missy io says:  can i bring my dogs

and is it true the plants grow eighty feet tall

you know i’ll always love the human race

but mad mad max says there’s no police in outer space

clean steve is packed and ready to leave

i’m growing my hair man how much do you need

long long long like mister mister green

long enough to make it on the planetary scene

no  i don’t want to lead the aryan nation

no  i don’t want to be young and restless

no  i don’t want to have a head full of jello

no  i want to be a space hippie oh yeah

no  i don’t want to guard government gas chambers

no  i don’t want to be a psychotic weirdo

no  i don’t want to sell rug insurance

no i want to be a      oh yeah

(pete clemente is a space hippie too)


speed generation

i knew a man and i became him for a moment

just to see what color he was inside

he was like a twisted web another world

an underwater dark green boneyard

i shudder just to think of what would

happen if he were to let go the people

locked inside

the prince of terror piggy piggy

killer from above

the hook and chain

and pounding heart

curtain rise

narrow eyes

demon’s hand

i wonder why the world is full of stone cold killers

all hidden away inside

their mothers and their fathers must have beat them ‘til they bled

and turned them into dark green boneyards

or maybe it’s the way that things have always been

because chronos likes to eat his children

the laws of time and space require many to fear

some refuse to feel it

shallow hearts

safe and sound


star waltz

i’m leaving the earth far behind

back to the stars 

where i belong   with you

i’m leaving here forever

riding on thunder from heaven

with you

and when the rain falls

we can watch it from above

by starlight

where we build a world of love

and it’s all right now



sunday it rained

sunday it rained

they drove me down to the station

jehovah says the beautiful ones

always break your heart

they put me reeling on the train

corpse without a brain

the shadow of her

flickered in the rain

like a phantom

she’s been calling out

save our love

i’m going down

where no one with a soul can find me

i will fly through the air

with ashes on my forehead

she put the flowers in my heart

ache into the dark

i’ll never be able to travel the stars without her

she’s been calling out

save our love

while away the hours while the other children play

always alone

silent through the years but then the poetry will say

always in love

drifting through the forest in a sentimental way

always alone

lying in the grass and then the sweet amorphous haze

always in love


the dog

in sixty-five vickie lived in the trailer court

in a ten-foot chromium box

extensive inner world

imaginary girl

her older brother says that she rocks

well it felt like bad religion

daddy had some hard luck

the boys all want to play

she’s crazy anyway

he said: teach her how to make us a buck

and vickie talks to her dog

and he tells her someone someday

will give her freedom

todd had a trailer

hippie painting on the wall

he had long long hair and smoked the pot

it tugged at his soul

as he watched them come and go

he knew because he read a lot

well it felt like bad radiation

todd had seen her once or twice

she had long long hair

an unusual stare

her eyes were the color of ice

one day todd heard vickie screaming out loud

he came flying out the trailer door

grabbed a piece of pipe

and took a man’s life

the others wouldn’t stay for more

well it felt like predestination

as they got into the car and drove

when the brothers came around

they tried to track them down

but no one can fight true love

the children play with the dog

when he tells them: i will always love you

they can hear him


the gathering

the hills are purple and the valley is shining

everyone is off on their own

soon the fat yellow moon will call the gathering

deep in the forest is a magic well

where everyone will come to drink and laugh

sweet libation to connect their minds

for gathering

all around the bonfires we sing

show all

all along the way

save yourself

tiny sprinkles of light above us

every one of them full of love

as we paint ourselves to defy gravity

now the yellow moon fills the sky

crystal clear on this perfect night

very soon all of us will fly

for gathering

high abovce the bonfires we sing

show all along the way

save yourself

i’ve flown far away

by myself

now the stars fill the sky

everyone full of light

and the moon calls us home

we sing

at the gathering

of souls


the woorb

you who see without light of the day

are you there

can you hear these things that i say

i’m not crazy 

i am just open and unafraid

of all the deadly peril

surrounding us this very moment yeah

and when mother comes to drive us all to paradise

we will take our air from the gods all around us

(they will take away my songs oh)

you who see without light of the sun

are you lonely in there

the place that you are

i’m not crazy I am just open and not afraid

of all the deadly peril

surrounding us this very moment yeah

and when father/mother takes us down to meet our maker yeah

we will tell him how

our hearts and minds have betrayed us

(they will take away my songs oh)

this is a bubble in time

the sun frozen on its track


time machine as weapon

mrs. tentacle bangs on the door

she wants to know what the reactor is for

white hot

i’m cool

so high

all right

it’s like a dream

out in the hall mr. tentacle drills

up to his nose in reality snow

oh no 

i lied 

it’s time

oh how terrible

i die today with a smile

haven’t had one in awhile

i die today

i’m not fooling around

we’re travelling underneath a glow

mr. headobrick down at the store

will never be known to scowl anymore

hey ho

what time

what day

what year would you like

mrs. mask will know in a while

how she can change with the twist of a dial

so quick

like this

now we

live on ancient mars

mr. frozensoul waters his lawn

he doesn’t know where the music is from


time of our lives

well hello again welcome to the wild

world of alter-color we vibrate light

now for the next stage

the black cave and on and on

to the high electric age

shout  what are we about

don’t take no philosopher to figure this out

we’ve got to forward-head star swarm

i’ve been in orbit since i was born

another day

why do we stay

i know a way

in time of our lives

in the time of our lives the iron will fly

to mine the little diamonds in the beautiful sky

crystalline sparrows swing on orange breeze

all the gleaming children

climb the beautiful trees

take a walk  the river is nice  a perfect day

remember from time to time

the ones we left behind

well let’s see there’s procyon bellatrix barnard’s star

phad etamin wolfe and accamar

aldebaran rigel regulus sirius

fomalhaut betelgeuse algol and enif

tarazed 61 cygnus B

el nath where the mushrooms wait for me

vega  shaula spica izar altair polaris and mira


world war b

take a blanket and climb up on the hill

a fine fine day for the happening

sunlight so surreal

mars is hovering

and shows a pleasant smile

the marching columns

of men extend for miles

alexander in the sky

and the pyres burn high

it’s a world war

now charlemagne’s yelling at the referee

as if that boy could hear

napoleon’s chatting with genghis

while adolf cracks a beer

xerxes hangs out with the band

admiral togo sails the yamamoto

onward through the sand

while the french calvary gets high

mick lurks somewhere nearby

bright pink frisbees in the sky

it’s like a world war

it’s a wild wild day for a world world war

grant plays twister on the lawn

darius goes out for the bomb

hannibal works on his tan

sargon hangs out with the band

oleg dresses so cool

washington fell in the pool

it’s a world war



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