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The Jupiter Sheep

were formed in 1988 as a leaderless artistic collective that recorded three albums and a number of solo songs, and made two videos. The band played live regularly in Northern California, and rehearsed several times a week at the Sheephouse, 4249 H Street in Sacramento.


The band house featured a tree house with an unreasonably long rope ladder, and a team of giant and ruthless hounds who would always fall asleep in the exact middle of the band room.



Steve Randall -- Guitar

Missy Io -- Keys

Sky Harbor -- Guitar

Natalie Europa -- Vocals

Byron Callisto -- Vocals

Thomas Barnes -- Drums

Max Wyvern -- Bass

Pete Clemente -- Sound

Steve Green -- Management

Jennifer Paige Ward -- Vocals

The Videos

were shot on 16mm film, directed by Jennifer Hinkey, shot by Michael Harrison, and featured a host of local talent from the CSUS Theater Department. They were scripted by Byron Callisto and financed by the entirety of his student loans for a semester. Gil Morrison and Janine Russo starred as the Flame People.

The Albums

The Black Album

Leda's Earthcannon

Choose Your World

Top 20 Tracks

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Primary Tagline




Steve 'Ramboullet' Randall

Steve was a local teenager already known as the Fastest Gun

In The West when he joined the Jupiter Sheep as its earliest

added member. His incredibly clean and detailed style burned

like a fast-rotating pulsar and inspired the rest of the band.


Missy Io

Musical force of nature Missy Io's intense charisma and

soulful voice completed the band's signature sound and

infused the spiritual subspace with glowy wild passion.


Sky Harbor

The ripping dirty God Of Rock to Steve's Tight Genius, Sky Harbor

slayed crowds with his Devil's Hollow Body. When he closed his

eyes and spoke his truth, the earth trembled and heaven roared.

Sky Harbor


Natalie Europa

The simmering sensual voice of Natalie Europa breathed hot

life into every song, and her humor and wit and wild dancing

set a million hearts on fire. The very definition of Ultra Torch.

Natalie Europa


Thomas 'Jehovah' Barnes

An Absolutely Odd Human with a raffish grin and a serious urge

to dominate All Of Reality using hardassed nerdery and a love of

tasty beast-licks, Tom was and still is an actual Rhythm Demon.

Thomas Jehovah Barnes


Max Wyvern

Jesus %&@#ing Christ on a stick Tom said to Max as the red

truck rolled off the edge of the earth and plunged both young

men to their actual deaths, which they ignored. Plus hot bass.

Max Wyvern


Byron Callisto

A terminally insecure and nearsighted Weirdo dragged in off the

streets to play the Fool, Callisto loved only the words and would

run off into the darkness to play with them. Plus perhaps drugs.

Byron Callisto



Jennifer Paige Ward

Singer for the band during the Mad Rover sessions, and present at

the early Candlerock Lounge performance. She was only with the

band for a short while, but added her unique voice while she was.





Steve Green

Steve Green played a critical role in the creation and style of the

band. It's neither fair nor legally permissible to refer to him as a

mafia chieftan or kazakh despot or assyrian assassin or any kind

of politically radical stranger lurking in any sumerian alleyway.

Also, he did not blow up anything.

Steve Green



Pete Clemente

Pete Clemente engineered and produced every notable recording

the Sheep ever made. He joined the band during the Black Album

and became instrumental in every facet of production and live

performance, always riding the board and driving the van to gigs.

Pete Clemente





Other Notables in the Pantheon


Andy McKinnon, Janine Guillard, Bridget Kelley, Andy Davis,

Laura Lee, Craig Cornett, Jay Johnson, Mark Klagstatt, Barbara

Traudt, Steve Schorey, Steve Brickner, Tim and Carol Duncan,

Kearney Brooks, Mark Todd Sloane, Kevin Trowbridge.  


All McKinnons,  whether living or dead, are automatically

classified as Official Madmen.  Sawney Beane especially.






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